What Kind of Video Do I Need

for My Business ?

By now the invasion of video has been noticed by just about everyone who has access to technology. The number of videos showing up in your social media feed and on websites is not because it’s a fad, it’s because it has a purpose and when done right, it works. Video is more persuasive than other types of content because the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions.

Why should I incorporate video into my marketing strategy?

First, figure out what your business needs are right now and what your needs will be in the future. (Hint: If you’re taking action, you should assume that your needs in the future will be different than your current needs.)

Let’s say you’ve just opened a business in the food and beverage industry. Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Coffee shop, Bakery, Food Truck, Winery, Liquor store, etc. You have opened your doors, accomplished your soft opening, survived or just straight up killed it the past 3-6 months. You’ve made adjustments to your design, process, menu, kitchen setup, branding and staff. Now, you can handle more customers, you need more customers and you need them now. This would be considered: Building your Brand Awareness.

Build Your Brand Awareness

So, how do you get more customers through video?

You have the foot traffic, word of mouth, probably even local press. You might have a marketing strategy in existence and it just doesn’t have video in it. Now, you want to reach the people who don’t know you exist, they need to be tempted to go out of their way, maybe your reviews aren’t quite where they would like them to be, or they’ve passed by but really haven’t been intrigued enough by store front or signage. 

  1. You want potential customers to know who you are and where you are.

  2. You want potential customers to know what you offer. 

  3. You want potential customers to know what sets you apart. 

  4. Potential customers want to know this, as well, and they’re more likely to go out of their way if they already know they’ll like it.

In this case, you would want a video sharing your Culture/Brand Story to introduce your business with.  Introduce viewers to how and why your brand exists. Share your values, intention, process, product, location, etc. Create connectedness and build trust. Not only that but grow your online engagement and boost your website SEO while you’re at it! 

Other Ways to Leverage Video for Your Brand or Business?

InstructionAL / Explainer / Tutorial / How-To

Share your process, how your product works or how to use your product. Not only will customers and clients appreciate this, it will set them up with what to expect.

Share behind the scenes (BTS)

Sharing behind the scenes can not only humanize you business but it can reveal how you interact with your team, the work that goes into doing what you do, progress you’ve made and reveal your personality.

Face-to-Face introduction

Often used for CV’s this is also great for introducing any staff that as interaction with clients or customers. Share their hobbies, values, goals and process. Create a connectedness that isn’t often created within an initial meeting, phone call or email. You’ll also see CEO’s, Presidents, Creators and business owners do this to make things a bit more personal.

Corporate presentation

Video is more persuasive than other types of content because the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions. So when you are making a sales pitch, investors pitch, revealing a product or sharing results, the best way to keep people from being distracted by their watches or phones is to have a compelling presentation.

Crowdfunding Video

You crowdfunding video might mean you don’t have much money to invest right now but it doesn’t mean skimp on a crowdfunding video. The competition is fierce and a strong, powerful video will increase your chances of donation or investor by more than 50%.

Promote an event or conference

If you’ve had an event and you have video of it then you might want to use it to promote your next event. If you have a new event, there are still ways to promote your upcoming event when photos and videos you have available along with stock photos and stock videos. Get people hyped, let them know you’re serious and let them know your event is serious. You want someone to believe in you and trust in you, so show them.


Who do you want to hire and why should they want to work for you?


Build trust. Who believes in what you offer? Show potential clients why they should, too.


Reveal your product to the world. Create buzz, interest, draw traffic to your website and create sales.


Who are you? Is there a trend attached to your product or your service? What’s your culture?


  • Boost SEO

  • Call to action

  • Rank in Google

  • Boost engagement

  • Get people talking

  • Appeal to mobile users

  • Create Brand awareness

  • Build trust and maintain it

  • Connect on a personal level

  • Great return on investment (ROI)

  • Boost conversions and increase sales