Hi, Melissa here! I started Electric Love Films in 2016 after starting out in the wedding industry in 2011. I learned hands-on and in the field from talented filmmakers. I dove in head first and here I am: Electric Love Films.

Electric Love Films made more sense to me than using my given name. I'm not really one to be "showy." In fact, I'm more of an introvert which probably explains why I enjoy being behind a camera instead of in front of it. I strive to express a come-as-you-are approach. Unique, adventurous, weird, slightly awkward and totally ridiculous couples are my thing. Not that you have to be all or any of those things, however, I am many of those things. 

I'm based out of New Jersey with my now wife (and talented photographer), Adrienne Longo, along with our fur babes pictured below. Our studio is located in Madison, New Jersey and we are currently working towards officially combining both of our companies at Electric Love Studios! This will allow us to offer our clients a seamless, easy and even more awesome experience.

In one word, we both describe our relationship as unbreakable. 

Overall, I believe in good vibes, connectedness and the realness in life and that's ultimately what I strive to capture. Whether it's a wedding or a business, it's all about you and I am truly honored to play a part it in!